The Coming of SUSHI CARS Mini Series from Tokidoki

UPDATED: Tokidoki’s “Sushi Cars” Blind Box have been launched and purchasable for US$8.00 each, with 10 possible figures to collect! Do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability as well!

You cannot deny the cuteness of Simone Legno-created characters, and Tokidoki toys are known to lure you in with their adorability and kill you with their kawaii! (Since my first post back in 2005, for the Cactus Friends) … And the latest series to come, is their SUSHI CARS!

Thus far we have seen a few images of your usual Tokidoki-characters, riding a Sushi-car! Expect more to be revealed (on Instagrams @simonelegno and @tokidokibrand) leading up to their release on February 17th on!

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