> my thanks to the armed forces

i really wanna thank the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) for mobilizing me on sunday and thoroughly wasting my time.

i wanna thank the SAF for making me miss my studio shoot for the entire afternoon. and hence not be in control of my product and letting it spiral toward mediocrity. and if this had been a paid shoot, my ass would've tore itself a newer and larger one.

i wanna thank the SAF for making me travel from Pasir Ris MRT to Boon Lay MRT, to take the ferry vehicle to my mob-point and back again afters. near two hours X twice = near four hours in transit. yes i am a spoilt singaporean in a small island, so fcuk-off if you think i've got it good.

i wanna thank the SAF for making me sit out in the open ground under the hot afternoon sun for over an hour, doing jack-all but smoking non-stop and getting depressed while talking to fellow reservist-dudes who've made good in their careers.

i wanna thank the SAF for reminding me of the "army smell" (tho tis something that NEVER leaves you); of the sweaty-uniforms and when peeps are bundled off packed tight together in an army truck ... and of smelling the same for the rest of the night, when i had rushed back to studio after the recall.

i wanna thank the SAF for letting me feel a part of the "team", a part of the "whole picture"; so much so i even have a designated code-letter and number = i am a M+5 (meaning i've reacted and reached the mobilization point within 5 hours) ... and that the toilet paper smeared with blue diarrhea simple but elegant sticker has a special place in my army-memorabilia-collection, which i've kept secretly for years, shoved-up deep within in a dead-rotting-animal's-ass, which lays buried amongst the maggot-infested forests of human-shitte, down by the ... ... ... nevermind ....

and i wanna thank the SAF for making me remember why it is i hate the army so.

do not be mistaken, i will defend my country if it comes down to it, but please dun waste time. and i'm sure all of youse reservist-folks know what i mean, yah?

tho i haveta say; "something" happens when ya put on the uniform (beyond just hatred and severe irritation, of coz) ... ya feel somehow "different", something i can't fully explain ... and gawd forbid i wanna over-romantize wearing the camo-rag! but i guess all the memories and burdens of the past (of the days when you wore the uniform anyways) comes rushing back to you and fill you up, with this certain sense of "familiarity" and ... "purpose"? ... *shudder*


and on the upside?

(1) i got to enjoy some much-deprived sleep (tho badly interrupted) during transit. (tho i think the peeps sitting next to me didn't enjoy the snoring nor the "legs-open-big-big-to-accomodate-size-of-armybackpack" ... *snigger*

(2) i laughed quite a bit seeing people's reactions on their faces: when they saw a bearded-man, with an ear-ring; in army uniform, walking around with an army ruck-sack, puffing away ... which was made even more surreal becoz the "true" army-boys were hanging around to go back to their camp, on a sunday evening ... talk about sticking out like a sore thumb *heh*

(3) my "worth" was felt when i walked back on set. *proudful-beam-to-myself*

(4) finding out Mr.Brown too is probably from my camp! (but alas, i was too darn slow and missed meeting him hahahaha)

tho i regretted not bringing my camera along (like MrBrown) - otherwise i would have at least come away with sum purdy pictures to gawk at ... *sigh*

and yah, that's about it ... and i still hate the saf ... near two months to my 36th birthday and still i haven't been called-up to go for my physical test; FFI (Fit For Infantry - Test = "fit" MY A$$! HAH!) - something every man has to do, BEFORE they turn 35 ... and ya want me to jump when you say so? ... 'nuff said

... ... ...

Updated 3.08.05 / 1am:

call me slow, but have just realized i've been browned (or rather "guilty-by-association-of-army-unit-only" :p) ... egads ... wuz wondering where all you folks were coming from ... took me a while to find out i was linked on top of the post/entry (while looking around at the bottom :p) ... damn ... and so im "celebrating" it (aiyah, dun burst my bubble yet, can?HAH) wif a newly created "cheeky-brown"-tag ... hope ya dun mind? heh :)


  1. That logo is Teh Coolness, man! Thanks!!!


  3. my slight brush wif "fame" (as-if, right?) ... fleeting but yet memorable ... muahahaha :p ... but sekali nobody else come back ... heh :p ... itz all good lah :)


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