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530am and im still sitting in front of my trusty Mac (which weren't so trusty in the morning+afternoon when i couldn't log on *ggrr*) and basically whoring plugging Perth The Movie; which i had watched again this monday evening (first time being last year's film fest, with the fiasco that was the electrical-outage which screwedup the screening for like, 4-5 times? BAH) ... and even now, i find it hard to "critique" the movie, as i had worked on it as Production Designer shameless self-plugging whore is i and surely as being involved in the film, tis pretty hard to gauge and comment lah, so i'd let everyone decide for themselves; when ya go watch it!

heh :)

premiering this coming thursday 18th august at the following screens:

Lido / Plaza Singapura / Century / Yishun 18

which is just four screens, as opposed to the same-day premiere of The Maid wif a whooping 31 screens! KAOS! ... oh well, "small indie movie" what! and with a M18-rating somemore (becoz of the mondo vulgarity all around muahahahahahahahaha and the "violence" lah dey ;p)

the screening turned into a cool crew and cast gathering as well, with old familiar and friendly faces ... and t'was pretty cool to have "the family" back together again, as it was a small and tight crew and the fact that we can all still get together and not hate have any malice towards each other, is pretty darn fuckin' cool (considering the regular industry horror stories :p) and t'was indeed a great evening to be had lah ... and here are some pictures! (and my flickr too) = me "anonymity" be damned lah dey! muahahahahahhahahaha

hope i dun regret it laterz :p

and the surprise of the evening was meeting Mr.Brown! KAOZ! surprised siah! saw him snapping away amongst the crowd but i couldn't be 100%-sure (im slow that way) until Annie introduced him to me - then *pow* muahahahahaha ... didn't get to chat after the screening tho, as i was freezing me pee off and zoomed into the loo immediately when the credits rolled, which is bad i suppose; for i generally make it a point to watch thru the credit roll at the end of films ... respect to the peeps who were working on it mah! ... which in most cases; is the only other way for "recognition" of a job done IMHO :)

hope the movie didn't freeeeeek you out too much, Mr Brown? great meeting you! *beams* :)

and too bad Xia Xue (who was invited as well) couldn't come *bleh* :p

and to further sabo feature the director; Djinn and myself, i present to you another snap worthy of manporndom! (dunno why, but alla our pix always seem to end up dodgy ...hhhhmmm) muahahahahahahaha

dun hate me Djinn! - any promo is good promo, right dude? muahahahahahahhaha *bleh* ;p

it rawks lah dey!


  1. y m i not linked?

  2. interesting...u need a fat actor? im keen. LOL...hehehe

  3. ah! dun say say ah! next time i need a beefy actor i go look for you dey! *evil grin* :)

  4. thanx Daryl! :)

    *still shocked mouth agape*


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