here fishy fishy

*Poised To Take A Leap Unto The Small Screens*

(sorry, couldn't resist lah ... read all about it @ Superhero Hype)

somehow trying to imagine Aquaman made live-action (on either big or small screens) is a bit of a stretch is intriguing ... the tights being the tricky-bit as well, innit? and if underwater too long, wouldn't it make the viewer a tad groggy? if not soggy-minded .. (lame, i know :p) ... much less a person ("me") who is in mortal fear of water ... *ahem*

but then again, with a young "Arthur Curry" (wif a 6 or 8-pack no less) it might just work ... alla days of donkey-yore ago = remember The Man From Atlantis? loadsa folks liked Patrick Duffy then too, right? *heh*

altho, i remember a while back, Marvel also announced a possible movie based on Namor, The Submariner, innit? well, it might happen, or it might not ... who knows these things anymore, eh?

i wonder how his "temperment" might appeal to the movie-goers, much less the fans ...

an image of David Hasselhoff suddenly squiggled into my mind yikes and someone had found the perfect "actor" for this role!
(i ripped "found" this offa Shane Bailey's blog ~ sorrry dude, lemme know if ya want me to go bugger-off, k? :p)

altho Aquanman/Arthur has had his moments too, eh? what with the missing hand-replaced-with-a-harpoonhook, replaced-again-with-elemental-mystical-water-hand (*Disclaimer = as you can see, i used to read Aquaman-comics but has since "dried up" for me ... *ahem* :p)

aaaahhhh, but what a fight it might be ~ if they ever met, eh?

and why the fcuk am i spending so much time on this instead of working? can't wait for the result of both projects tho :)


added 19.11.2005:
i lurve it when casting calls give away the story, or at least a semblence of it ...
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