my aquaman

not content to just let sleeping fishies lie, i hadda do this:

my proposed version of the aquaman concept + suit/get-up:

the top and pants would be something similar to a wetsuit, but with more muted colors, ala extreme sports / wakeboarding / diving-sorta get-up (no "golden scales" yet - not until he receives his "atlantean heritage"). the boy/man would be rippin' (of coz) and probably mondo-tanned (sea and sun) and most times might haveta cover-up his leg-"fins" (maybe? gotta give the man a "problem", innit? teenage-angst given further twist ... maybe even a fear of water, that he eventually overcomes?) ... and of coz blond hair lah (heh) ... also there might probably be a strap-on weapon/blade of some sorts (for action against "human" aggressors - also something for merchandizing laters, innit? :p). the "Staff Of Power" (or whatever ya call it - heck, i dun write for a livin' now, innit? hahahahaha :p) is something he recieves at the end of the whole thing, when he reclaims his birthright as the true monarch of atlantis (also cue next installment of the franchise where the money gotten at the boxoffice of the first bankrolls the subsequent sequels) MUAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! (*ima copyrighting alla these now, innit?*) MUAHAHAHAHAHHAAH!

*yes, i am bored* :p


  1. Funny sketch, except (and please take this as advice not criticism). Any true fan know Aquaman would never skewer one of his "Finny Friends". I am sure you just did that as a joke, but as a F.O.A.M. member (Friends of Aquaman) for an explanation see: I have to make this comment lol!
    Love the art!
    Christopher Chance

  2. @Christopher

    maybe t'was an "evil" finny friend that had to be skewered? (heh) ... or maybe seems im not much of an Aquaman-fan then :/


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