nine zero zero plus

as of this entry, there have been near 900+hits registered on this here blog for the past 36hours (or so lah - i didnt actually go and count it all innit? :p). the highest i have even seen on this humble blog of mine (in the recent past, it hovers between 20-30 hits per). all thanks to these babies featured via ~ mondo-thanks, coolhunter-folks! :)
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and a warm welcome for all ye new readers!
(and NO, im not saying me blog is "a toilet"! just for giggles, innit? *heh*)

in a nutshell; im aiming to feature all things:
toys (becoz i live and collect them)
comics (becoz i read and collect them)
movies and comics-related-movies (becoz i enjoy them and im working in the media industry)
design in any and all genre (becoz i dabbble with them)
music (becoz i can't live nor work without 'em)
all things retro (based on my own childhood likes)
... and whatever i think is "cool" lah (IMHO of coz) ... and mayhap in time to come, more about our local (singapore) short film/movie/toys-scene (tis always been a personal wish) and of coz eventually (if i ever get off me lazyarse) my own creations (be it toys or otherwise) ... but we'll see, we'll see ...

and it'll be cool too if anyone'll send me stuff to post and feature (with due considerations, of coz) ... meanwhile, hope there's something enuff for y'all to come back again for ...