female swat version.3

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finally, something to look forward to in the 12" action-figure front = Hot Toy's new upcoming Female SWAT figure! (Version.03, no less)

which is quite a "coincidence", seeing that i just watched Speed (for which they too "adapted" a figure from, years ago) and of my own personal "collecting preference" ("one" of them, anyways :p) for SWAT-figs, notably the BBI LAPD SWAT figure (for which i have an amassed quite a ridiculous number of :p), for their exceptional load-out and detailed accessories - which of coz is "mild" compared to the Hot Toys SWAT Version.02 (for which i could hardly and refuse to afford) and even the new companion to the femme fig; the SWAT Male Version.03 ... and so with the upcoming Femme-figure, i would be able to "round-out" my "SWAT-army collection" - not least coz i too collect femme figures (no, not just Barbies, mind) ... and with the "demise" of CY-Girls (and no, Takara-Japan/CY-Girls have proven to be totally out of my expenditure-estimates, with the Female Jinroh and Motoko Kusanagi on the top of me wish-list), the choice for "female action figures" dwindles down to a paltry (and expensive) few ...
... and here comes "SHE-SWAT" to the rescue! ... unless of coz the price and my own financial-situation at that juncture; "convinces" me otherwise ... *wistful-sigh*


Ah 9 said…
if swat...i dun think the woman would be wearing lipstick...not in line to staying low profile. lol
toysrevil said…
lol true dat! but maybe she'd smile sweetly at the perp and he'd swoon and give-up instead? LOL