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:: TOYS ::
rabbit-ears, rabbit-ears everywhere.
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the vinyl-world's lurve for rabbit-ears is undoubtably a boon for toy-collectors, as quite a few toymakers+designers open up the vinyl-petting-zoo with upcoming planned releases:

Toy2R is set to release their Bunny Qee line this coming April @ the AMP show in HongKong. it will start as a 9-inch line, followed with their (usual) 2-inch collection. [via VinylAbuse]

White, Black and GID-versions will also be released for some homegrown-DIY-goodness and is much appreciated, what with the current heightened-trend in customizing. visuals released so far has varied customs ranging from Raquel Sakriston (USA), Nasty (France), Raymond Choy (HK) and Doktor A (UK).
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(images from Qeester Forums)

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and from GrenadeGarden comes Wabbitz! currently with a DIY-Infestation Wabbitz Contest - where you can design your own Wabbitz and win a handmade-Wabbitz and a blank vinyl. (read more via VinylPulse) > or download the template here

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let's not forget Kidrobot's recently released LA Dunnys, as well as hoards of Dunny-customs for all to oogle-at :)

am wondering tho, where's the carrot-accessory with alla them? :p

as for myself, im preparing to "customize" my first dunny, as picked by my readers (all 2 of them) - on my multiply, no less ... we'll see, we'll see ... *heh*