i *heart* cy-girls

new from Cool Girls/Takara:

*oh-my-toy-gawd* < this sure ain't your "average" Barbie Dolls, innit?

the above pix is of the Takara's Dark-version June of the original pink version (also seeing a re-release), along with the/my much-coverted Protect Gear Midori (maybe even Harley and a possible Yuri)

my Cy-Girls "history":
my first foray into CyGirls was back in '01/'02 (i think?) when Takashimaya was hawking them off for SGD$10 per box at their annual sales (and have since never had that type of lobang anymore *bugger*) - for which i promptly got a coupla boxes ... and eventually got hooked and started my cygirl buying spree collecting CyGirls periodically, until such a time where i (nearly) bought anything that came out!

hanging around the Men With Dolls forum engulfed me further within the realms of this plastic-beauty "action figure" and the varied and endless possibilities of kitbashing and customizing were open to all interpretations. and i had my fair share of fun, in leisure and at work. *heh*

a short Cy Girl History:
"Blue Box Toys and Takara Japan got together to create and distribute the Cy/Cool Girl line. BBi sold the figures in North America/Asia under the name Cy Girls, and Takara sold them in Japan under the name Cool Girls ... after which (in '04/'05?) the contract was dissolved and Takara continued the Cool Girl line on their own, distributing only to Japan. All Cool Girls now are Japanese only releases, and available to through import stores only. This, coupled with the fact that Cool Girls were always more expensive in Japan due to economic differences, means that buying Cool Girls is going to cost you twice or more as buying Cy Girls did." < do read more (if you're interested) about Cy-Girls at this excellent forum entry here (go ahead, nobody'll know if ya did :p)

and a hefty-pricetag it was, and a heavy deterent to a collector such as me (*sob*) but of coz i did dip my mangled-wallet into the bin times past, with a Nikki and Cutie Honey, @ SGD$90 each (*gasp*) ... irony being even tho Nikki's aftermarket-price soared, Cutie Honey was to be had at weekend flea markets for $30! (no, not the re-released version, mind)
... and since then, have only bought what i could afford ... or liked, anyways :p - which ain't a lot, mind (*double-sob*)

sure, there are other producers of Femme-Action-figs, notably:
> Dragon (far and few in-between, ie: Amy, Jennifer, Anna, Svetlana, Linh, Jo and Noriko)
> the immerging Hot Toys (with the new upcoming SWAT-femme, USMC Femme and Vasquez)
> SideShowToys' horrendously over-sized-heads of their femme-lines (Anna, Wai Lin, Scully, Buffy, et al ... altho their Asuka and Rei looks *yummy*)
> Aoshima's expensive (and hentai-looking) Lady Mission figures (scroll to bottom)
> Sea International femmes (with the droolsum Black Moongirl)

... but none are as enduring (IMHO) as Cy-Girls, who beat them hands-down with their articulation, kitbash-possibilities (altho their over-sized-boobies are a tad "troublesome") ... who is poised to release a CG-Batman Begins figure (!) and maybe even a (comic-book-version) Catwoman?

meanwhile, all i "am left with" are "my girls":

> imaging for Rouge (a teevee series i conceptualized and worked on in '04) (or here and here
> behind-the-scenes pix of the opening title sequence (*slideshow*) - i designed for Rouge
> more behind-the-scenes (at this point i was having too much fun already :p)
> personal "photoshoot" of Rouge-"band" in action.

*i heart cy-girls*


  1. So where can you buy these online?

    I love the dark-costumed Gatchaman princess!

  2. not really sure tho, i got mine at a brick'n'motar-shop here in singapore :p

    havent been buying online for years hahahaha

    sorry im not much help here :p

  3. "my first foray into CyGirls was back in '01/'02 (i think?) when Takashimaya was hawking them off for SGD$10 per box at their annual sales"

    I remember this! That was when I picked them up too! IIRC I got Sky, Jet, and Kat from this sale for S$10 and A.J. Mcleod & Blaze from TRU Yishun's closing down sale for about S$30 each. I think you got the year right, I will still in NS then IIRC. :D


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