more 10-inch trexi customs

them there 10-inch customed-Trexis sure are gettin' pretty much unstoppable, aren't they? ... new stuff just posted on the forum-boards: (click on links to see bigger and better pictures)
< Jim Koch's Organ Grinder = painted-goodness as only the artist can provide.
< Blu's Little Green Man (which wuz featured here) = and them painted-eyes are still scary! but ya just can't take your eye offa them, can ya? *heh*
< William Tsang (Brothersfree) very Burton/Frankenstein-influenced-offering nothing original here and am appreciating the textures.
< actual product photos of toys and display boxes of both Joe Ledbetter's Flying Pig and Darren Gan's Boner Pirate = *more painted goodness*

added 16.03.06:
< Cameron Tiede's Tighty Whighty Flighty is pure whimsical-madness! see more images via the ever dependent VinylPulse :)
< tattoo-artist (and Kustom Kulture owner) Keith Ciaramello's Drag Nut is certified pure lunacy! ~ what with the RatFink-ish headsculpt and colours > see more intense images @ the playimaginative forum here



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