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soccer-themed toys are set to invade the toyshelves and mayhap hopefully be able to score with thee non-toy-collecting consciousness, as well as satisfy the already-toy-initiated, when toys meet sport = in the form of Soccabots and Trexi's "We all speak football"-series.

Soccabots celebrates the upcoming World Cup (to be held in Germany), is 4-inch tall and comes in 16-colours belonging to different (participating) countries. looking sleek and very anime-ish, it'll won't be hard for the masses to accept these vinyl-dudes, IMHO ... and looking at the development and effort put into these vinyl-figures, warms even the hardest of toy-hearts, doesn't it? *heh* [all info and pix via ToyDigger]

and in collaboration with Coca Cola, Trexi is slated to launch the "We All Speak Football" series this coming May 2006. 25 international artists contributes their version and vision of "soccer". and that's a whole lotta trexis, innit?

added 17.03.06:
list of contributing artists
Play Imaginative Darren Gan (Singapore) / Play Imaginative Airene (Singapore) / Play Imaginative Cain (Singapore) / Danny Chan (HK) / Winson Ma (HK) / Ultraman (HK) / Tim TSui (HK) / Huck Gee (USA) / Tracy Tubera (USA) / Sam Fout (USA) / MCA (USA) / Jim Koch (USA) / Mickey Huang (Taiwan) / Jon Burgerman (UK) / Rolito (France) / Koa (France) / Devilobots (Japan) / Touma (Japan) / Mori Chack (Japan) / Furi Furi (Japan) / Kei Sawada (Japan) / Erwin Weber (The Netherlands) / Stephan Lau (Malaysia) / Jeremyville (Australia) / DGPH (Argentina)

added 17.03.06:
VinylPulse has a breakdown of individual box-art / designs by artists. *cool*


Anonymous said…
Boring. Same old artists over and over again. Talk about supporting the locals, the only Singaporeans are from Play Imaginative themselves for Christ sake.
toysrevil said…
something has to be done about that, innit? :p

anybody else agrees/disagrees?
Someone said locals cant sell :)
toysrevil said…
"locals can't sell"

unless of coz this is from a burnt-business-person who've tried selling, innit? if not, then tis just a "matter of opinion" and not "statistically-factual", innit?

tricky this:
sell by virtue of "brand name", but one would need to "build a brand", dun it? so does the artist him/herself build what they can thmeselves? or does it take artist+manufacturer to form a (eventual) brand?

i always say this:
"no point being the best that you are, but no one knows you even exist"

any thoughts?