toy or art?

i've read it somewhere (or izzit my own overflowing brainbile?) that vinyl is the new canvas. ~ and of coz we be talking about vinyl-figures/toys here, innit? and mayhap that statement/expression is valid, if but for the artists that works on them ... and tis something that seems poised (or already have) to overwhelm the mass culture-consciousness (as opposed to niche/sub-culture). but do we want it to?

would it mean that "toys" would be (somehow) viewed more than "just toys"? or would it only mean the works of the artists involved be appreciated more, in the mass-culture? does it matter, in the end? "exposure" for both product and artist, innit? it doesn't have to be "commerce" versus "culture", does it? an artist doesn't cease to be an artist, if he/she makes money, does he/she? and if a toy sells loads, does it loose it's "value" and/or niche-appreciation? depends very much on what your definition of "art" and "toys", innit?

will "TOY" ever become "ART"? ~ or are they already? does it have to be?

sure as the media might angle it that way, to suit whatever article/feature, innit? or does it? how does the general non-toy-buying-public think of us/them vinyl-toy collectors and artists? do we care? do we need to care? can we afford not to?

"customization": be it painted-on-art, textured and crafted, reverse-engineered or deconstructed = after a fashion, one would be able to access the level or at least the discipline from which the customizer/artist hails from, IMHO ... and is that a "signature"? or will it become a "cliche"? ... "predictability" can be both a boon and curse, i reckon ... ya "know" and can "accept" anything that might come ot from this particular artist, but when he/she decides to experiment and try another genre? will it still be accepted? but then again, everybody is entitled to their own opinions and tastes, innit? so who does the artist/customizer "customize" for? him/herself? or for the fans/public/mass? do you care?

blame it on PimpMyDolls for jump-starting these dormant-thoughts of mine, brewing/bubbling/festering ever since my tenure on a weekly-magazine teevee-project about "the ARTS"; yonks back ... and now the thought-gates are open once more ... or am i pulling something out of my ass here yet again? does it matter, in the end?

*heh* :p