my aquaman version.02

aquaman02 aquaman01 < okay ~ my version has Arthur C. at the top of the charts as a rock'n'roll star! ~ as arrogant as he still might be (but for different reasons other than the crown of Atlantis), but still full of charm and charisma and is wicked on his guitar (named: Trident *hurhur*) and with his voice, managed to keep in thrawl near most humans who listen to him sing (other than the wittle fishes, innit? *hurhur*) ... other than that, does he know where his starfish-tattoo came from? where did the amulet come from? does he breathe underwater? does he even care about anything other than his own music? wouldn't you liketa know? (*everything here is copyrighted by myself 2006*)

hey, dun mean to be dissin' anyone, but having stopped reading Aquaman a whiles back (when he got his "magical-water-hand" and such) and having picked-up the recent One Year Later issues ~ am just feeling a tad disappointed it's just not working for me. i mean, a man-with-amnesia-schtick can only last how long and whatever arrogance he might have had, still rivals not of Marvel's Namor; who at the very least is consistently a grouchy bugger and a pain-in-the-ass to boot ... im just tired of peeps mucking about with him i reckon, maybe Arthur should lighten-up a tad, innit? but then again, that's just me ...

"and why do i even care about this character, when i dun read that much of his comics in the first place?" ~ you might ask? = becoz i remember him to be one of the earliest DC characters i've read in my childhood and really admired liked. but have since waned in my "devotion" coz the stories just doesn't get to me, IMHO ~ that's why :p

here's my version.01 *heh*

added 21.04.06:
the king rests color
black+white version here ... okay, this is getting a bit out of hand ... think i'll stop here for now ... but im having too much fun, innit? *heh*
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