vinyl is the new canvas

:: TOYS / DIY ::
or so it seems, dunnit? There currently are two main types/categories of “customizers” = the “Painters” and the “Worksmiths”.

the vinyl-figure is literally a blank canvas for the artist to embellish his/her own sense / version / perception of graphics, concept or of character, to give it a new character from it's original. be it an extension of their imagined character/persona or a deviation of their running design themes. or even a new creation. every surface; inch/centimetre is not wasted. the new canvas is no longer “flat” (ie: paper on a horizontal drawing board, or a vertical wall) ~ the new canvas is a blank sculpture waiting to be colored.

examples of painters: Tim Biskup, Joe Ledbetter.

a worksmith's primary function is to alter the basic original structural form of vinyl-figure and to create something else altogether. sometimes ever so slightly, sometimes beyond mere recognition (but of coz retaining it’s basic “concept/ integrity”) ~ using whatever sculptural-aids that comes to mind, and even sometimes non-traditional materials too.

examples of worksmithers: PhuEk! Sket One.

of coz alla the above is just of my own opinion and observations, and of coz there are those who utilizes BOTH techniques ... so, which are you? :)


manufacturers recognize this (I reckon?) and with the increasing number of DIY-customizers who’ve emerged worldwide, aided tremendously by the www and the vinyl-fever that seem to sweep across other current fashion/lifestyle genres (ie: Adidas, street-style et al) in forms of collaborations and cross-promotional campaigns … although I dare not say everyone’s out to be “the next big thing” (who wouldn’t want to be anyways, innit? DUH), but the ability to have someone’s work shared with so many other likeminded-enthusiasts; is truly mind-boggling, tho nothing new (and often taken for granted, IMHO) in this day and cyber-age? and what better way now, than vinyl-customization?

to cater specifically for this group of elusive vinyl-dreamers :p emerging artists, here are a whole slew some of new Do-It-Yourself vinyl-figures (left-to-right):

Toy2R’s new range of 4" DIY Baby Qees in the following shapes: Bunee, Bear, Toyer, Cat, Monkey and Dog. [via]

AdFunture’s I, DIY Blank edition, rotocast and standing at 9cm height. [via]

TinyHeartHead’s Blankhead ~ available @ FuturePlastik [via]

not to mention the many various others that are already/coming unto the market. am sure im missing loads, but am sure there'll sure be a heck more to come, innit? *heh*