artist talk : slinkachu and little people

had a wee chat with UK-artist, Slinkachu since i last featured his "little people" ...

TOYSREVIL: how did the concept of "little people" came about? what inspired you?

SLINK: Looking at places where i wouldn't normally look and hoping to see surprising things. 'Little people' just sprung in to my head - a little hidden world. I've been inspired by street art that surprises.

TRE: what/who are your influences? did they influence the concept of "little people"?

SLK: The people themselves weren't influenced by any one as such, but i have always loved Banksy's stuff (cliched answer i know) and recently Mark Jenkins and ABOVE.

TRE: tell us about the "little people".

SLK: Tiny plastic people used in architect's models. I paint them and plan what to do with them.

TRE: how did you decide on the execution and presentation of "little people"?

SLK: I just wanted to get them out there, on benches and streets. After doing a few, i realised that you can tell stories with them.

TRE: are there any further developments of the series planned?

SLK: Loads of ideas, but not enough time in the day!

TRE: thank you, Slinkachu for your time and this short chat and good luck with your ideas and hope to see them come to full fruition. and congrats on being boingboing-ed! *LOL*


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