doktor a's professor teslastein and his electric creation

Doktor.A continues his "classics"-theme ("nautilus"), with his vinyl-take on the Frankenstein-legend with Professor Teslastein and his Electric Creation!

coolness if the electrical-static actually lit-up, or even GID! :p

and i've since given up on figuring how it's all done :p


and let's not forget the good Doctor (Teslastein, i mean) a former Mad*L-turned maniacal-genius, creator of his Dunny-patchwork monstah! *muahahahaha!*
a constant stream of amazing customs (hardest working customizer in toyland) that mayhap stops me from pickingup me own brushes and paints to attempt anything that is nowhere near this level of detail and work, and would have make a mockery of myself, IMO (LOL) ... *coolness*


Doktor A. said…
Thanks for the support fellow!

The electricity does light up actually!
Its a U.V reactive bolt with G.I.D sparks at each end..
Not easy to get a photo of though...
rawbean107 said…
seen it!!! give me something new,eviltoy!!
River said…
toysrevil said…
that sounds darn uber-cool, Dok! grab a video clip of it and post it on youtube! first you see figure with room light on, then switch off and turn on the electrical juice! LOL

been busy Robin, not much new stuff (as compared to the other online toy-powerhouses :p) - i dun even have much time for my own toys! *sigh*

and i couldnt agree wif you more, River! :)
rawbean107 said…
your own toys??yeah thats what im talking about Andy, man!i was browsing through your badass blog archives and what a contrast!!getting melow at yellow 37.
toysrevil said…
dude, "mellow" is the operative word LOL ~ like fine wine eh? muahahahaha

as for toys, been planning a new series, but taking a slightly further step than just taking pictures ... how i wish i could do this full time tho ... the desire and passion is only but thwarted by relentless bills ... *sigh* ... hahahahaha
rawbean107 said…
i hear you brother!!i wanted to do more things with my friends {my characters)but monetarily , i just cant!im lucky, i still have time to blog and do abit of photoshoppin'.i have a feeling even this would come to a sudden halt!!
le zak said…
Here's the Glow pic....picked the link from kr forums :