dgph sri mole vinyl

in Hinduism, Ganesha is considered the master of intellect and wisdom. in DGPH's world, Sri Mole is the Lord of the Furries and boy, is he a smiley+happy bloke!

currently standing guard at DGPH's website, Sri Mole is set to be immortalized as a 8"-er tall vinyl toy, as a part of the Love Original Project:

Diego describes Sri Mole as "a really cool guy, that helps the little creatures in the world, giving advice to the moles and candies to the world". = this put a smile on my face :)

Sri Mole is limited to 500 units (300 Original Color / 100 Golden DGPH Editions / 100 Special Red Magic version) with the release date to be confirmed (cheers for the info+images, Diego!) ~ stay tuned ~


rebe said…
Im so excited by this religious icon. DGPH totally know whats up. Is this another collaborative piece with Red Magic? I have Mushroom Guy and I think the two of them would make great friends.
toysrevil said…
tis a Love Original Porject, so yeh, part of Red Magic-collabo indirectly/directly (??) hahahahaha

you have Mushroom Guy? = *envy* :)