my galtow drawing contest submission part four

and so i realize that my initial costume design is quite a bit different from the original's and some colors were used "wrong" (shoulder guards are supposed to be "red" instead of concrete-grey") and quite a bit of detailing (ie: patch-couplings) are inaccurate as well dammit oops? this is the "finished" result, with a noticable change in wrist-guards on his right-hand (sans background):
and this is with a color-altered background (image from the www). i'd wanted to give a contrasting color to the main body, but i think in the end tis just one big puddle of colors:
what do you think?

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sjo said…
IMO you're trying to hard. I saw some other drawings, more sketch like and those were great!
But maybe it's a matter of taste...
toysrevil said…
quite farnie this = tis actually the other way around for me - i've "always" drawn this way-ish, except for when i try to uncomplicate my own process and venture into new "sketch-styles" that've been seen on this blog hahahaha

too influenced by superhero-comics, i reckon, and now on the other spectrum, influenced by vinyl forms hahahaha

will def try another render when i have the time :p

thanks for the feedback, Sjo! :)))
tahir said…
You have some awesome art skills. I envy you :( Good luck in the comp
toysrevil said…
thanks you are too kind, Tahir :)

and turn that frown rtight-side up!