toy review: ron english's rabbbit soft vinyl

i've only seen images of Ron English's Rabbbit vinyl figure online and thru his pop-artworks, and had enjoyed what i had seen. now thanks to Dark Horse, i have an opportunity to give a personal review of this figure:

the packaging:
what draws your attention first is the deceptively simple and attractive full color window-boxed figure (with ample space within). then the three-eyed creature within grabs you by your eye-sockets and your intrigue, simultaneously wondering what's the peaceful zen-like hypnotic stare's gonna do to your pop-culture-lurvin' psyche.

personally, the contrasting pop-dots within the box surface serves as quite an ideal (diorama) display for Rabbbit, standing there partially hidden amongst the colors, a striking image stares back out. unfortunately the surface is easily damaged, when removing the twist-ties and plastic-mould backing from the figure. /// CLICK HERE FOR MORE

the figure:
standing @ 9"-ers tall, this soft vinyl figure is non-articulated. (hence "figure" and not "toy" :p). a silent observer amidst other shorter vinyl figures :)

the design:
the figure character design itself is charmingly retro, with a heavy dose of kitsch, both disturbing and unique, especially with his three eyes, 2 noses and 2 mouths (would've loved to see a single mischievous tongue sticking out from one of it tho hahaha) and the stubby three rabbit-ears, very reminiscent of Indian-deity halo-ed flames (IMHO). a lethal-sweet color combo of baby blue and pastel pink contrasts lightly with the off-whites in the eye-balls, tummy and fluff-tail = *very nice*

personally, i reckon it would've been pretty kick-a$$ if the off-white areas were GID (Glow-In-The-Dark), IMHO *heh*

the unique character design mentioned above, and a banging good sculpt, to boot! :)))

i've only 2 gripes so far:
(1) the quality of the figure is a tad disappointing, with visible mould-joints around the figure, especially the obvious visible neck-to-head joints (which came apart slightly when i tugged at it gently, my bad :p), which is fine if the figure is left standing as-is and you don't take a peek underneath :p

but then again, this was released at the end of 2005, innit?

(2) the condition of the figure straight out-of-the-box, with slight dirt smudged over some surfaces (dust?) and a tad hard to wipe off, even with a damp cloth. (will try other liquids later on).

altho released more than a year ago, this Ron-English-design has lasted pretty well since (except for the physical dirt within) and has become an iconic representation of the artist, moreso than anything else i've seen so far, IMHO. and @ an uberly-affordable price of USD$17.99, you can do no wrong with having this figure in your collection.

check out Dark Horse for ordering details / and my multiply-album for more images of Rabbbit :)
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