custom toy lab is now online has been created to support all artists involved in the custom toy scene. The site is created by Tahir (UrbanRetroUK / UrbanRetroLifestyle) and myself - as a way for people to view all the great custom toys in one place.

To celebrate the launch we are giving away a custom set of ZLIKS created by Bil BetsOvic. To enter the competition all you need to do is lave a comment on this post :)

All artists are invited to get involved and showcase their toy customizing and creating talents. Custom toys can range from custom vinyl toys, hand made plush toys, designer paper toys or any other kind of DIY toy. If artists want their toys to be featured on Custom Toy Lab send them over to the Submit Toy-page.

We are also looking for artists to do tutorials in written or
video format. email us @ info [at]


Tactac said…
first to leave a comment so you have to make me win this set! :)

tactac said…
Fresh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
toysrevil said…
i wish i could join tho hahahaha thanks for the support, tactac! (PM coming your way soon :p)
tactac said…
I support as I can
toysrevil said…
very much appreciated, Tactac! :)))
tactac said…

official press-release ;)

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