it all started with stumbling upon this Valentine's Day video:

then discovered the existence of Rayman Raving Rabbids-toys!

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above shown are the 8cm-tall versions of Raving Rabbids, namely Raving cook, Rabbinho, Rabbmoo and Rabbmaid (which there are promo-videos for - refer list below), while the image below-left is the resin Bunny Gonzales figurine @ 11cm tall [available here]

above-image-right is of a darn-kewl duo-sided fleece-plush Were Rabbid @ 40cm height [available here] - while the "cheeky"-rabbids below are of the twin-set Ubisoft Anniversary Rabbids @ 8cm-tall (150 units worldwide) [available here]

raving rabbids scientific facts (youtubed):
- Bunnies Can't Stand Christmas
- Bunnies Can't Phone
- Bunnies Can't Cook Eggs

ah heck, just watch everything here (4+ mins):

- Making Of / Part One
- Making Of / Part Two
- Making Of / Part Three
- Attack Of The Bunnies (Rayman4 promo)
- Launch Promo
- 2006 Trailer
- E3 Game Trailer

who/what are Rayman Raving Rabbids?
"Rayman Raving Rabbids is the fourth major installment in the popular Rayman series, and was a launch title for Nintendo's Wii console. The game's development was led by Michel Ancel, the original creator of Rayman, at Ubisoft's Montpellier studio ... The game consists of more than 70 'trials' which aim to make innovative and varied use of the Wii's unique controller." [wikied] / [peep official history]