hot toys 1/6 power loader @ nytf

remember the movie Aliens? when Ripley dons the infamous Power Loader to battle the Alien Queen in the climactic-ending? will fanboys' dreams be fulfilled?

*mondo-more images after the jump*

produced by Hot Toys of HongKong and distributed in the U.S. by SideShowToys, the 1/6th Power Loader is an awesome mecha-sight to behold:

and if the final version is as cool as this prototype shows to be? there'll be loads of fans savingup serious moolah for this hunka-movie-mecha, IMHO!

as long as it comes with a working siren-light (insert circle) innit? *heh*

looks like Hot Toys is seriously aiming to complete the Aliens Saga-series, what with the 1/6 USMC Series One and Two, and their widely popular 1/6 Aliens figures, innit? so when's the Alien Queen figure gonna be released?

- teasers first seen here
- no date-of-drop and/or pricing determined at this point of post :p
- view the enitre glorious hi-res HT Power Loader images @ [all images via]
- will update additional image gallery-links once they appear online

still need "convincing"?
check out this video-clip of the Power Loader in action [via]:



  1. couldnt agree wif ya more, buddy!

    then again i'll need to get a Ripley for the figure to be complete ... then again a 1/6 Alien Queen is needed too ... it's oh so complicated! LOL


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