kaching brands' flcl canti artist series 2

KaChing Brands are set to debut their second Artist Series of FLCL CANTI 12"-er tall-figures at the coming New York Comics Con (Feb 23-25) - which has gotten me quite fascinated with this figure (least becoz im unfamiliar with the character in question!) - but before i delve into the origins of FLCL+Canti, let's see what's coming-up:

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at last count (based on online reports, most notably Vinyl Pulse) there were 7-Cantis, starting with (in no particular order of preference) Tristan Eaton's Rain and Thunder Cantis (shown above) a Toy Tokyo-exclusive (limited to 100 pcs), first seen during the NYTF'07 [insert image via] ... and slated for a debut as an NYCC exclusive is Cameron Tiede's Canti (limited 100 pcs) @ KaChing Brand's booth #639 [image below via]

the four Cantis shown below belong to [respective info via]

all figures shown above @ 100-pieces limit-run, with a May-release date and at a SRP of USD$99.90 (unless otherwise stated) = from left-to-right: Matias V. of Doma / Jesse Hernandez / KOA (no confirmed info as yet) and ooo000ooo's Hot Topic Exclusive Canti (limited 1,000 pcs / May-release / SRP: USD$69.99)

the 1st Artist Series consisted of works from MAD and Toby HK released during SDCC'06:

and all this while of drooling at sweet-plastic mechas, i admittedly had no idea what was FLCL or even Cantis (!) and so this is what i have dug-up found so far:

"FLCL (フリクリ Furi Kuri?, officially romanized as Fooly Cooly) is the brainchild of director Kazuya Tsurumaki ... and originally released in Japan as an OVA anime on six DVDs, by Gainax and Production I.G... The story was also released as a two-volume manga by artist Hajime Ueda, and a three-volume novel serialization by Yoji Enokido, who also wrote the script for the show. All were released in Japan starting in 2000, and in 2003 in the United States. The series is sporadically run on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim segment." [wiki]

"Canti (カンチ Kanchi?) is a medical robot with what looks like a television set for a head. He was manufactured by Medical Mechanica ... The emotions of Canti are very human-like, despite his looks. He is embarrassed about his broken head .. and is looking for the pieces to glue back together .. He wears the box on the back of his head for the same reason- shame" [wiki]

read episodic descriptions @ EMG

now, the next thing to do, is to find the anime-series and if the figures make their way to singapore somehow? i'd try to remember to bring packs of tissue (for my drool) and a desire to own them, quelled within me ... *LOL*

[source: Wikipedia / Vinyl Pulse / EMG / Absolute Anime]
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