enterbay's 1/6 gang2 fashion figure

from the street-corners and back alleys, to the high-fashion runway,
Gang Two (or better known as G2) has walked the couture-catwalks
for the better part of 5 years, leaving behind his unsavory "past" ...

G2 is seen here modeling the latest fur from the "New York Fur Show",
sponsored by ENTERBAY ... (who've also just revamped their website)

*find out whassup after the jump*

expanding beyond their highly successful 1/6 (Arnie Kim) Bruce Lee GOD figure (and soon to come WOD), Enterbay presents an unlikely new 1/6th-concept with G2, an AA-figure with a sordid history, a bullets-to-bling [© 2007 by me] urban-fairy-tale it seems, together with a very intriguing body (with no visible chest articulation), a more caricature-ish headsculpt with an attitude (would wanna see the eyes tho) and pencil-thin beard-tattoos (*cool-detail*), making me wonder if the rest of the body (ie: arms, shoulders and back) are tattooed, yeh? "50 Cents"-one time LOL! ... now seriously, that would be very cool indeed LOL ... and of coz the so-cool-it-slays shades, to complete the fashionista-gansta look! (either that, or a bulked-up and bald Lenny Kravitz LOL)

scheduled for a May 2007-drop @ a current SRP of 12,600 Yen / USD$108 (approx) [via] G2 comes with: Fur coat / Jeans / Belt / Shoes / Sunglasses / Necklace / Gold Suitcase (LOL) / and probably a mini-comicbook/cartoon (translations are tricky :p) - all packaged in a display box resembling a New York-skyscraper, and if im reading the translations right (or it could be all just a fantasy-concept in my own mind :p), "subsequent figures" display box would join-up to form a New York cityscape, yeh? ... which might mean G2 might just be the first of a new series of gansta-1/6th? ... *hhhmmm* :)))

my only "issue"? it reminds me too much of Medicom's Tokyo Tribe Merra:

... other than that, G2 looks *dangerously cool* and a (personally) welcomed
addition to their 1/6th stable, which so far has been veering extremely high-ended :p


added: some details revealed here in my "interview" with ENTERBAY :)