kennyswork 1/6 diver figure: dig

from Kennyswork's Copperhead-18 series comes a new 1/6th diver-figure, named: "DIG"

there will be 2 versions of DIG, with the Regular version clad in brown and a Special White version. each figure is to come with a "statue/pedestal" (which holds an octopus-looking mechanism, that is said to be a "pressure bomb") and a certificate of authenticity. as well as an exceptional concept of a "replacement-leg" (refer "origin story" below) and the hyper-realistic details and accessories that have become synonymous with Kenny Wong's (of Brothersfree fame) designs/products, IMHO :)

quantity, price and availability of both figures are unconfirmed at this time added: more images and details HERE

*mondo-more images and origin story after the jump*

this is an extract of the origin/story of DIG:
"During one of his excavations into the deep-sea ruins, Dig was attacked by a mysterious “sea monster.” He barely escaped with his life; the beast claimed his left leg ... Rather than giving up or sinking into sorrow, Dig became even more determined to defend the coasts against any further attacks and to explore the deep-sea to unravel its mysteries. All of the villagers he admire Dig for his positive attitude and bright spirit. He is a natural, charismatic leader. After being fitted with his replacement leg, the village children began to call him “the smiling spear.” [read more via]

[info+images via CrazyToyz / via]


Doktor A. said…
Wow.. Damn nice..
How many clams does one of his figures go for?
This could get me collecting 1/6th toys...
toysrevil said…
don't rightly know about the prices at this point Dok, sorry ...

but if the previous Coperhead-18 DARK was any indication: i've found the regular version on ebay starting at USD$160, while the special (White) edition was going for around USD$400+ online! *yikes*

i have only seen it up front (wish i owned one LOL) and man, it sure looks utterly solid, IMHO

will post prices and availability once they are revealed :)
BigAppleFan said…
Wow. Nice images.

I have the Copperhead Dark regular version and it is NICE! Leather divesuit and the helmet is metal. Very nice detail and quality. In fact that is why I started collecting 1/6th and Brothersfree.

Looking forward to this one. Thanks in advance for any news and updates on this.
toysrevil said…
you're welcomed BigAppleFan! and i'd await with baited breath when one day i would be able to own one as well lol ... you have my envy :)