of medicom's 1/6 peter parker and venom marquee image

well, this Medicom Toy Peter Parker [via] actually doesn't really look half-bad, with quite a distinct likeness to Tobey Maguire, dunnit? (accuracy of prototype-sculpt versus final production piece not withstanding :p) - slated for an October-release @ 13,440YEN [via]

*more after the JUMP*

added: seems SideShowToys is going to be distributing it in the US:

*stay tuned for more information*

admittedly, when Maguire [interviewed] was announced as the actor who was gonna be Peter Parker, way back when, i had my misgivings - somehow deluded to that fact that mayhap it would be some one more "assuming", or had a better "presence" than Maguire ... and kudos for Sam Raimi [interviewed] for choosing him, for mayhap lil old Parker was supposed to be the unassuming guy, who coincidentally had the proportionate powers of a spider, innit?

with less than a week til the movies' debut, and with the onslaught of promotional spots, interviews and imagery = including this unashamed Venom-marquee pic [via] - let us (or at least me) sit back and take a breather, before the long-queues @ the box-office, to what would be one of the few much anticipated films of 2007, IMHO :)


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