transformers tv-spot 2: destiny

the second Transformers movie TV-Spot is titled DESTINY and is viewable on the official spinoff site SectorSeven.irg [via] " To watch it, click the link above and enter using the password "FWIFFO". Then click on the red drive on the left side of your screen to play the TV spot that features Sam buying his car and Starscream transforming." ... or you could download the Quick-time clip HERE or HERE (but with IGN-watermark tho :p) / or youtubed / added: hi-res video from IGN:

hoping there'll be a HD-version online soon tho LOL - meanwhile peep some
select screengrabs after the jump!

it starts with Sam's dad bringing him to a used-cars lot to buy a car:
which of coz he chose (or was it the other way around? reminds me of Herbie lol) Bumblebee, who drives out of the lot, next to a VW! wot a cheeky nod, innit? (if you really must know, Bumblebee was a VW-bug in the cartoons) - as was the dangly-Bumblebee-thingie on the dash ... but nothing beats the awesome Autobot-icon on the steering wheel, lor! *cool*

Bumblebee transforms (partially), nuff said
check out the robot-to-human-scale, and imagine that Bumblebee is the smallest of all the Transformers! you KNOW i can't wait to watch the movie, right? *heh*

this was a real pleasant surprise tho, a whiny-(IMHO)-cartoon character and a dismal toy turned into a decent looking robot-menace:
heck! make that an awesome-looking robot-menace! Starscream might end up being a darkhorse transfan-fav, innit?
starfish+monkeyman-bodyform not withstanding, of coz ....

actually, i've only just realized that the Decepticons' robot-form are very animal / primal like, aren't they? as compared to the "more evolved" Autobots, yeh?

Bumblebee is the representation of the "cinderella"-story, innit? from beat-up old car to the schweet ride laters:

random-sequence of images next, followed by a seen-before Blackout EMP-blast in action and dammit, it still looks good! LOL

an extended Bonecrusher-sequence [earlier version] with the human duo probably being chased, and the fleeting glimpse of the Decepticon's robot-face / glaring red eyes at the end: