toy2r X run's mutafukaz qee

coming from Toy2R this July 7th is the 2.5"-er Qee Mutafukaz Series [via]
adapted from the Mutafukaz-comic, published by Ankama:

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im intrigued moreso the convergence of both a comicbook-property and toys (as always) and especially after discovering the existence of an animated Mutafukaz near-8 minuter-video (Operation Blackhead) made it even sweeter :)

"Black and formless mass stemming from the most obscure material of the Universe. Here come the Machos. In a dark, decadent and corrupt world, they have infiltrated governmental organizations, and now they get ready for a massive invasion of the earth. Mutafukaz, coming right out of the suburbs of Rios Rosas in Meatcity will entail his best friend, Burning Head in a gigantic hunting implying police, Mafia, yakuza, wrestlers and the Machos. It all started with a black & white comic strip. And now it is a breath-taking preview of the forth-coming feature film. A unique blend of 2D and 3D for an original cartoon render full of action. Thousands of obscure pages of Mutafukaz comics will come out from the shade to reveal the truth to the whole world!"
[reviewed on cinemaparadise]

Mutafukaz was created by RUN, who is also a part of the French
design collective, Semper-Fi (together with Rolito, Dany and Chick)

here is an extract from an interview on Playtimes:
"Run: During Halloween of 1998 the idea of the principal character of Mutafukaz came to me. The original document was a short, black and white comic strip improvised in my student’s bedroom. Over time the story became more structured and set in a wider universe and today Mutafukaz is filled with a world of original characters that interact with each other. I produced an animated, short length 7 minute movie in 2002, intended as a trailer and this was shown at a number of festivals and had the distinction of receiving a nomination at The Sun Dance Festival in Salt Lake City in 2003. The Mutafukaz web site - - is the very latest creation. A “Qee mini figure” came out for the official launch of the website and today Mutafukaz can now claim to have a wide community of followers. Mutafukaz is is an original concept, the universe is a mix between 60’s science fiction and contemporary ingredients like Hip hop influences & modern references, thereby creating a dark, fun, and paranoid universe."