the vader project

what is The VADER PROJECT?
The Vader Project is a reimagining of the iconic Darth Vader helmet by 75 of the hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists and designers!
participating artists include: Kii Arens, Attaboy, Gary Baseman, Andrew Bell, Tim Biskup, Andrew Brandou, Buff Monster, Nathan Cabrera, Mister Cartoon, Mr.Clement, Dalek, Marc Ecko, Ron English , FERG , David Flores , Brian Flynn (Hybrid Design), Paul Frank, Huck Gee, Joe Hahn, Thomas Han, Jeremyville, Sun-MinKim, David Horvath, Jim Koch, Frank Kozik, Peter Kuper, Joe Ledbetter, Simone Legno Tokidoki, MAD, Mars 1, Bill McMullen, Melvins, Brian Morris, Niagara , Mitch O'Connell, olive47, Estevan Oriol, Alex Pardee, The Pizz, Plastic God, Playskewl, Dave Pressler, Seen, Shag, Sket-One, Shawn Smith, Jeff Soto, Bwana Spoons, Suckadelic, CameronTiede, Touma, UrbanMedium, Michelle Valigura, VanBeater and Amanda Visell and many more.

presented by Master Replicas Inc. and curated by Dov Kelemer of DKE Toys - each artist was given a Master Replicas 1:1 scale prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films. each helmet served as a blank canvas for each artist to paint, design, mash up, and customize = and the results so far looks exceptional, IMHO :)

scheduled for a World Premiere on May 24th (til 28th) @ Star Wars Celebration IV (to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars), to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center - after the premiere, the plan is for exhibition to travel to museums, galleries, and events around the world. The helmets will then be offered publicly at auction. (details will be announced later)

peep more information, including artist's soundbites @ [all images via]

(cheers for the headsup, Dov and congrats!)


Kenn Munk said…
I wish soooo much that I was part of this gig...