bart qee custom by triclops

TOYSREVIL: what's the name of your custom?

TRICLOPS-ROBOTBOY: he's entitled 'Trihouse of Horrors' after the Hallowe'en Specials 'Treehouse of Horrors'. We thought the theme would fit nicely with our love of  horror and B-movies' plus it gave us chance to remove one of the eyes and cut the top of Bart's head off hehe!


TRE: brilliant! how did the custom gig come about?

TRI: Raymond at Toy2R keeps us on his mailing list and was kind enough to send us an invite for the show. I'm a huuuuuuge fan of the Simpsons (although Apeman says he prefers Futurama) so we jumped at the chance to be involved.

TRE: how did the custom's concept come about? what was your influence?

TRI: It was pretty weird because as often happens, Apeman and I both had the idea to do a kinda zombie/horror character with the fig, we got our friend Ali at Morpheus to bandsaw the top of the head off and there was no going back! I picked up a really cool Treehouse of Horrors comic collection for inspiration and got busy with the milliput and a perfectly sized ping pong ball.

TRE: gotta dig the eyeball LOL - are you both Simpsons-fans?

TRI: As I mentioned earlier, I'm a big fan of the Simpsons, any episode with Homer as the main character totally rocks in my opinion. I used to video new episodes from Sky TV and my friends would come round and we'd watch a marathon back to back. I could quote some of the classics at length but I won't bore you.

TRE: do you think Bart is a pain-in-da-ass or is he misunderstood?

TRI: Nah, Bart's not a pain in the ass although he was in danger of becoming one when the Simpsons first hit the UK and that awful single 'Do the Bartman' was released. I like it when they insinuate he's a bit of a deviant, like one episode when he showed Lisa how to walk perfectly in high heels.

TRE: LOL @ "deviant" - if you were a Simpsons-character, who would you wanna be and why?

TRI: I'd probably be Comic Book store man, "Worst episode ever" is one of my fave quotes plus I'd quite happily sit in a Comic Book store all day.

TRE: why do you think the Simpsons-character skin is yellow?

TRICLOPS-ROBOTBOY: Liver damage cos they're too close to the power station?
TOYSREVIL: rawking, duders! cheers for your time and trouble, and in closing, please tell us - WHO ARE TRICLOPS?

We are Luc 'n' Rob, also known as Robotboy and Apeman from Triclops Studio. We started customising 2 or 3 years ago to vent our creative frustration whilst working for Hasbro UK. We have since flown free and set up our own company, we now split our time between creating customs and running a Design Consultancy. Check out our online portfolio and other bits and bobs at You can also check out our ramblings on our blog at :)

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