heroes season 2 promo and world tour (singapore)

and while i remain content with reading HEROES Season 2-spoilers throughout the www on specific fansites (like Herosite.net) instead of updating on my blog (most times i wish i had more time and energy in a day to geek-out online tho..) here's the latest (severely glammed-up) Season 2 Promo-video:

and on the local-front (ie: Singapore) - cast members: Greg Grunberg ("Matt"), Ali Larter ("Niki), Masi Oka ("Hiro"), and Sendhil Ramamurthy ("Mohinder") are slated to make an appearance 31st August/September 1st, as part of their Heroes World Tour (and also to celebrate the launch of the Heroes DVD lah LOL) - [read the rest of their schedules on SHH] - the only "trick" is it's a fan-event ("by-invite" only?) held at Vivo City (according to local newspapers) - which is a bit of a 'disappointment', becoz that'll mean i haveta jump thru hoops to get to snap pics of "my Heroes" ... then again, maybe that shows im not that BIG enough a fan, innit? BAH.

[images via CBR] ... that said, i reckon i wouldn't really mind jumping thru hoops for Kristen Bell tho [via / interviewed on on TVGuide] *heh* ... HEROES Season 2 launches September 24th.


Mlo said…
Hayden got milk! and more

toysrevil said…
cheers for the headsup, mlo!

"Hayden got milk!" - that conjures up too many random thots LOL