medicom's metal gear solid kubricks

seen@SDCC'07: Medicom's latest series of MGS-Kubricks features characters from
the entire Metal Gear Solid game series:

- MGS 1: "Solid Snake"
- MGS 1: "Grey Fox" (Ninja)
- MGS 3: Snake Eater "Naked Snake"
- MGS 4: Guns of the Patriot "Solid Snake"
- MGS 4: Guns of the Patriot "Raiden"
- *more details to come in time*

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added: MGS Kubricks seen@WonderFest 2007
[image via / view more HERE]

added 27.08.07: there is now a release-date and SR-price! click HERE to read more :p


Anonymous said…
So no one know when these are for sale?

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