neo-opera: 1/6 wip

apologies for the lack of posts past coulpa days, dear readers... had the urge+desire to kitbash and create some 1/6-characters/figures, and hope to complete them (unlike most of my other bashes :p); before i move-on to the next (or move back to the unfinished ones LOL) ... severely backlogged posts to come soon ... thank you all for your understanding and patience ... meanwhile, please indulge me with some "WIP-sneaks":
humbly presenting PIK and Lil'Sis
the rest of the gang to be "revealed" soon...


Kenny said…
Looks great. Can't wait to see final product!
Amithi said…
Agreed, the sneaks rock! I simply love your imagination. ;) Hurry and finish them!

Where did you find the mask for Lil'Sis?
neojett said…
hihi , never c b4 this figure ? u custom make ? hope can c soon ,,,
toysrevil said…
thanks for your kind words folks!

coming soon, Kenny :)))

i got a whole bag of (soft) plastic chinese opera ("wayang") masks from a novelty/party-store, Amithi! in actual fact, they are a tad too small for regular 1/6th-folks, but for the Girl's Mission figure? perfect fit! LOL

neojett - yep, becoz they are my concept kitbashes ... one day i hope they become production pieces, but i can only dream for now LOL :p

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