Prepare Yourselves For The Coming Of SUCKLORD 600

making a "surprise debut" during SDCC'07 @ DKE Toys' booth were a duo
of upcoming new vinyl figures from SUCKLORD, dubbed: SUCKLORD600!
there will be 2 colorways made available: a GREY (with blue+silver) with a Black Radio (limit to 700pcs), and an All-SILVER with a White Radio (limit to 300pcs). the vinyl figures will have 8-points of articulation and four accessories: a removable-cap, turntable (which can be plugged to back of figure!), boombox and a lazer sword - prices are yet to be finalized (read my interview to find out more :p) with a possible Fall'07-drop = *cool*

i had a chat with the SUCKLORD himself about the upcoming enigmatic vinyl-duo, as well as his influences and plans for galactic domination /// CLICK HERE TO READ

TOYSREVIL: so what's up with SUCKLORD600? what was it's genesis?

SUCKLORD: It started out as a glob of sculpey which I formed into a figure. Then it found it's way into a silicone mold and then came out as a resin cast figure. That figure went off to china and is in the process of becoming a vinyl toy.

TRE: after all these years of "bootleg" Star Wars-figures, what made you go "legit"?

SUCKLORD: Well I always wanted to, it was just a question of money. It's weird cuz I was trying to get my artwork made into toys way back in '89. At the time there was no access to that that I could connect with. When the vinyl thing really started picking up I was sure I could get a deal easy, but it never happened. I know EVERYBODY in this game (almost) and I was never able to get a production hook up. I turned to the bootlegging out of frustration and a desire for revenge. I did one "fuck you" figure called the Sucklord66. I didn't expect that it would catch on and that I would be doing this years later with now almost 20 figures and counting. I never gave up on the vinyl idea, I just finally found myself in a place where I was able to afford to do it myself.

TRE: was SUCKLORD600 always a top vinyl-contender? i remember first seeing and knowing about you via your ghetto-Fett get-up online! why the Fett-ish Boba?

SUCKLORD: I decided to start with that character because he is my most well known appropriation. I have been a Fett fan since 1978 when the Star Wars Holiday Special and mail-away figure offer came out. I just liked his anti-hero stance. I always loved the villains. I started my Fett costuming in 1979, before EMPIRE even came out. I was kind of a nerdy kid as well as a nerdy adult. Being behind the mask made me feel like somebody else. Somebody cool...

TRE: well, tis been a long evolution, i reckon - from Fett to the SUCKLORD! why SUCKADELIC? and why SUCKLORD600?

SUCKLORD: Well I came out with the name SUCKADELIC on an acid trip when we were trying to describe in great detail how much something really Sucked. That word just popped out and I held on to it. I have a pretty cynical view of the world and of the dubious value of art (like mine) so I thought it would take some air out of any pretensions I may have had about my work. All this art/ toy shit is a racket to me anyway. Calling it Suckadelic is just a way to laugh at it and see it for what it was, Just some douchebag who likes to play with toys and refuses to get a real job. BUT, on the other hand I don't want to be too humble and self deprecating, so I added the title SUCKLORD to my name to elevate myself to the supreme and ruthless ruler of this sucky universe. My world may be a bit shabby, but when you are in it, I am God! The numbers don't mean anything. I just think they sound cool. All the bootlegs have 2 digit numbers, so I moved the vinyl up to 3 digits.

TRE: so what are SUCKLORD600's upcoming plans for galactic-domination? when is he dropping, in what colors, how many and how much?

SUCKLORD: Right now there are two colorways. A grey, blue, and silver joint with a black radio, and an all silver one with a white radio. I am doing 1000 pcs for now. I think it's 700 of the Grey one and 300 of the silver one. The figures have 8 points of articulation and four accessories (cape, turntable, boombox and lazer sword) You can remove his cape and plug the turntable into his back. Not sure about the price yet, still need to finalize the costs, but it will be priced to move. Between $50- $75. It's "on the boat" as they say, so he should be available by the fall.


[images via VinylPulse]

TRE: what is pumping out of his ghetto-blaster?


TRE: and what are SUCKLORD's plans for universal-domination? what else do you have up your sleeves?

SUCKLORD: I have been making internet "webisode" movies for my other site the ORIGINAL VILLAIN NETWORK. Doing little short soap operas about New York Supervillains and their problems. It's a good way to give backstories to the figures. Also it's a good showcase for our music. I make a lot of commercials for the toys as well. It helps develop this world that I'm creating, to have stories and stuff about your characters. It's better for me than just putting out a lump of plastic that looks cool but doesn't relate to anything.

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your time and trouble, SL! in closing could you share with everyone: Who is SUCKLORD?

SUCKLORD: The SUCKLORD is that guy who made never growing up into a business and artform...

[Nerdcore Comicon Show - circa 2007]


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