1/6 rah raiden and solid snake from medicom

after a long wait and plenty of teases, Medicom Toy's 1/6th-scaled RAH RAIDEN and SOLID SNAKE (from Metal Gear Solid: 4) is now listed for a Spring 2008 and January 2008-drop (respectively) priced @ 20,790YEN / US$181-per (so i can kiss them BYEBYE, innit? *le sigh*)

and if my guess-timation (from the garbled online-translation) serves me right, RAIDEN's body is articulated, hidden beneath a body-suit (hence lack of visible-joints), unfortunately with the same belt (i have in issue with his belt LOL) but this time coming with 2 blade-sheaths (now he looks like a samurai ;p); one each for his katana and 'carbon'-dagger = *sweet* ... and this is one line that what was spewed-out from the online-translator: "As for the toe with independent mobility the movement in the game reappearance possibility!" *heh*

SOLID SNAKE still looks totally bad-ass, especially with seeing the detail of the back of his
body-armor/harness and the "i'll gut you with my blade" -look cements his attitude, IMHO :)

altho with those hands, he's not gonna have a good grip, does he? *heh*


[source: Raiden / Solid Snake]


MS06-F2 said…
Wow! These two figures look amazing. I love Metal Gear Solid, and I might just have to get one of these to commemorate the series ending.
Anonymous said…
the way he grab his weapon is not like that, he put his Two fingers on the guns edge while his other fingers grab the knife below the edge of the gun. Try googling some of the screenshot from the game, or play it instead lol.
doodler7 said…
"Anonymous" ... really? you really had to put that comment on here about how the weapons are held incorrectly? LOL. I've been thinking about getting this figure, but a lot of reviewers have noted that posing have been difficult because of the rubber suit. I think the most important pose is the CQC pose, and so far from all the photos I've seen online, I've never seen this RAH version on in a CQC pose.