bart qee custom by drilone

TOYSREVIL: what's the name of your custom?



TRE: how did the Bart Qee custom gig come about?

DRILS: Thanks to Ghost Ris (who I was hanging out with at San Diego Comic Con 2007). He was signing his new toy at Toy Tokyo and told the owner I do great customs. So I got my blank.

TRE: what is your custom concept about? how did that come about, and what was your influence?

DRILS: Anyone familiar with my work on the Kidrobot boards knows I do skull type customs. But how it became was... Back in the end of 2005 my friend Useless Toys got me into vinyl toy collecting. I became a Kidrobot forum member. I saw a member (Motorbot) year in review of his custom vinyl toys and I said I want to do that. So I wanted to do a custom when one day my pug was chewing on a Dunny. She ate one ear off and I ended up cutting both off. I tried to fill the holes but nothing worked. I sanded and sanded and it looked like a skull. so I cut out eyes, the nose, and mouth.

And it just progressed from there. I was never into skulls I just fell into it.. The Bart Qee is just a progression of my custom work.

TRE: a pug and a dunny: inspiration maketh! altho i haveta say, "rust" and decay never looked so good in your hands, dude! ... did you catch the Simpsons-movie? are you a Simpsons-fan?

DRILS: I love the Simpson's, I kind of don't watch as much but used to watch every episode when it was on. I did not see the movie since I have a 17 month old daughter and have no one to watch her.

TRE: do you think Bart is a pain-in-da-ass or is he misunderstood?

DRILS: I used to think he was badass but he has become a little bit soft.

TRE: maybe becoz he's ~ *gasp* ~ "grown up"? naaahh we dun want our Simpsons to grow up do we? LOL - if you were a Simpsons-character, who would you wanna be and why?

DRILS: I would be myself, but if I had to become one, Homer is the man....

TRE: darnnit, i look down on my Homer-belly and think "im there" ... you so do not want to "be there" .. LOL - why do you think the Simpsons-character skin is yellow?

DRILS: Jaundice.

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your time and trouble dude, in closing, could you please share with the readers; Who Is DRILONE?

DRILONE: I cannot remember a time when drawing was not a part of life's activity. I am a veteran of the New York City public school system and have spent most of my life amid the chaos and creativity of "the city". My upbringing is reflected in my work as is my admiration for contemporary, pop, and graffiti artist. After several years of formal art training and extra curricular experimentation, I found my passion in graphic and web design; following it to San Francisco.

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- El Rusto is currently on display @ The Showroom NYC [blogged] for the DIY Bart Qee World Tour (Sept 14-16th)