official iron man movie trailer online

the Iron Man Movie teaser that was supposed to launch Sept 11th (US-time - online 12th) [blogged] is now ONLINE = via glorious QT @ Apple-trailers ... or if you can't wait, here's youtube to the rescue:

but i'd sincerely advice you to wait for the Hi-Res-QT, trust me :)

"screengrabs" you say? = OF COZ I GOT'EM! LOL


added: ComicBookResources trumps-all with their screengrab-selection! :)


END said…
I have to say it's looking very very good so far. The suits are awesome looking and great casting so far.
toysrevil said…
oh man, i am a convert now, where once i couldn't give two-hoots about Stark LOL

but my preference for the Mark-1 armor is getting a tad too much ... am actually contemplating doing a 1/6th-version of it LOL
END said…
That the sleek red and gold one????

If so - need some help???...:)
stu // unsungzero said…
WOW.. I was expecting it to be pretty crap but I'm really excited to see how it turns out now, the music for the trailer was a great choice too, could've been corny but they pulled it off.. kinda lol

toysrevil said…
END = red+gold is the Mark-3 (which i reckon wil definitely be released as a figure down the line - hopefully with proper metallic-paint finishes!), im itchin' for the scapheap-cobbled-up first version muahahahaah

Stu = hell yeah! ... altho the cynical-side of me hopes they don't over-sell and under-deliver when it comes down to the crunch, IMHO :p
stu // unsungzero said…
I'm just hoping they don't go down the route that Transformers did.. I noticed one reference to Myspace and I hope that they stop at that.

Hell yeah to an ironman figure, specially if its a 12incher with light up eyes n stuff.. here's hopin'.