about anna chambers' pooetry contest and plush poops

Anna Chambers (creator of plushed Woodchucks and Lucy Owl) is also the creator of uber-cute handmade plush-poops and currently has a (Halloween) Pooetry Contest going on @ www.burgerlog.com to win a handmade plush turd (dateline: Oct 31st) ... personally, these has to be the most huggable doodies i've seen in a while (the added swirls are hilarious), and we have seen our fair share of cool poop-toys, haven't we? *heh*

... but before you go and compose your poo-prose, CLICK HERE to find out a wee bit more about those plushed-poopies with my chat with Anna :)

TOYSREVIL: why poo?

it's is disgusting, and something I hate, so I wanted to turn it into something cute and loveable. making the dis-liked, loved! plus I like coming up with funny names for them.

TRE: if poo-plush could speak, what would it say? (tis a he-poo or she-poo? lol)

ANNA: there are both girl and boy doodies in burgerlog. some are nasty, some are sweet, it's like that old saying "you are what you eat," eat bad food, get a bad turd! they can speak to you in many ways. but they can move you with out saying a word.

TRE: move you as in making you run away pinching your nose? J/K! LOL are poo-plushies smelly?

ANNA: my burgerlog plush turds do not stink ;p it is for everyone who's sh!t smells like roses.

TRE: and cappucino! (that's what the swirls remind me of LOL) how many types of poo-plushes are there in poo-land?

ANNA: many, many types of doodies.... hard, soft, big, small, stinky, watery... and loose, many more too! you can see them all on the site, and they all have different names.

TRE: how long has Burgerlog's poop-plushies been around?

ANNA: 2 years I think, the burgerlog site has an archive. but I started making the doodies years before that as holiday ornaments. I called them "santa's babies." and the idea was that santa has to make some room for the milk and cookies left out for him by each child, so he pinched out a perfect 'package' for each kid to enjoy!

TRE: a perfect-xmas-pinch! LOL any future plans for poop plushie world domination?

ANNA CHAMBERS: poo plush world domination is being dumped on your door step in a flamming bag!!!

TOYSREVIL: that's poo-rific, Anna! cheers and thanks again for your time and trouble :)

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