about mr magorium's wonder emporium kubrick and bearbricks

i've only just discovered the existence of Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium the movie, after chancing upon Medicom Toy's upcoming Kubrick and Bearbrick-releases!

the 100% duo-set of a Mr. Magorium Kubrick (gimme a Natalie Portman-Kubrick anytime tho) and a Sock Monkey Be@rbrick drops Feb-2008, priced @ 2,604YEN (US$24) ... while a 400%-version of the Sock Monkey is priced @ 5,040YEN (US$46+) also dropping Feb-2008, but available for pre-order between Nov 24th-Dec 21st (details here) /// CLICK HERE FOR MORE

When a young pianist named Molly Mahoney (Natalie Portman) inherits a magical toyshop from her eccentric 243-year-old boss, Mr. Magorium (Dustin Hoffman), she struggles with self-doubt, as well as the store's tantrum. But through the friendship of a charismatic little boy (Zach Mills) and a buttoned-up accountant (Jason Bateman), she learns to believe in herself, and finds that she does possess enough magic to run Mr. Magorium's shop by finding herself in places she's never imagined. [wiki]

first movie that popped into mind about "toys" (when i read Magorium's Wonder Emporium) was Barry Levinson's TOYS (starring Robin Williams, circa 1992) which i reckon didn't yield any production toys (that i know of) altho every other genre-specific movie out now would consider character-inspired toys merchandizing, not counting toy-inspired-movies (*cough-Transformers-cough*) - which i reckon helps fill the toy-shelves in mega malls (altho much less designer-toy boutiques, yeh?) ... altho there's loads to be said about "quality", much less product integrity .. but then again, it IS about ringing up the cash register, innit? ... and i really shouldn't be a toy-snob, yeh? *heh*

genre movies x toys = an evolving pop culture phemon that's here to stay until the next implosion, IMHO.


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