about that whysoserious halloween-viral joker-dressup challenge

UPDATE: click HERE to upload your Joker-pics, deadline is 11:59pm, November 17th (which means one could literally go cross country innit? youtube the whole journey, folks and good luck!)

the WhySoSerious.com "instruction page" [mentioned here] has since been changed to show this:

the clue was: "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules." - click on the bottom-right corner of the photo underneath, and the page ignites and burns away to reveal......

The Joker! [click here for soundbite]

clicking on the Joker-pic will take you to a NEW website @ RorysDeathKiss.com ("Rory's First Kiss" was the cover-name for the filming of the feature :p) where NEW instructions are given!


an apparently it isn't a "straight-up" scavenger hunt, but another group-activity where you're supposed to dressup in Joker-gear (face-paint and all) and pose in front of the monuments/locales mentioned in the previous post and to snap pics the day after Halloween and submit said pictures (like the previous SDCC campaign) - this is the instruction summary:
Want to make me laugh? Here's a little challenge you can try, starting at daybreak tomorrow.

Round up a crew, your friends, family and even your foes (as many clowns as you can find) and make yourselves look as pretty as me. Put on a show in front of the most famous landmark in your city, but don't get arrested. You’re no use to me behind bars. Send me a picture and I’ll see if you have what it takes.

Do this for me...and I'll do something to for you.
hell, i wouldn't mind dressingup and posing in front of the blardy Merlion in Singapore, in broad-daylight for this, IF it ever happens in Singapore tho LOL (never will happen) ... but then it would be more of a challenge to find kakis to do this with tho ... ("Kaki" is Malay-Singlish for "buddy")