Take Flight With Federico Gonzalez's Bicho Wings

Federico Gonzalez is a Argentinean Visual and Commercial Artist
and is also the creator of the DIY resin-figure BICHO WINGS:

an innocent-looking wide-eyed critter with an organic form sporting "wings" on it's head, Bicho Wings is self-produced and handmade by Federico, and is slated for a group custom show in the near future, featuring works from Doma, DGPH, Punga, Kidgaucho, Barfuss, Leche and more Argentinean-artists. the concept of Bicho Wings also includes a traveling/touring exhibition, whereby artists of different countries are invited to add to the customs-show ... i've been chatting with Federico online for a while now, about the origins of Bicho, as well as the making-of and future of his creation /// CLICK HERE TO READ INTERVIEW

TOYSREVIL: tell us about your toy, Who Is BICHO WINGS? and what was his genesis/origin?
FEDERICO GONZALEZ: Well Bicho Wings is a strange bug, with a very simple structure, has no mouth to talk but has big wings to fly. Bicho Wings was born in a sketchbook amongst other drawings, but somehow it was "different" than the others :)

TRE: what inspired/influenced you to design the figure?

FEDE: Inspirations and influences include staying awake all night long, listening to music, eating and drinking, designing tees ...
TRE: did you always have resin in mind when you designed it, instead of "traditional" vinyl? and why make it in resin?

FEDE: I chose resin because it was very simple to sculpt ... i had initially thought of vinyl but it was too expensive. So i decided to make it in resin by myself - as it allows you to make smaller runs and is more affordable to produce, although each individual piece is still more expensive than vinyl, but you don't need a lot of money to begin with.

TRE: totally appreciate the spirit behind it's conception and we don't really see much resin figures out in the market, much less production pieces as opposed to one-offs, IMHO ... how was the process of making the figure? please do share with us your process...

FEDE: The process takes a long time - first you have to make an original, then you make a mould, after that you make a piece that must be hand sanded and then there are bubbles that must be filled ... the figure is then painted and the wings pasted after the same process mentioned ... it is a lot of work. And besides resin is fragile and heavy, so it is not that practical but it also gives an artistic personality to the piece and looks less like a mass-produced product.

TRE: kudos to your DIY-spirit as well, Fedrico! (you must film a time-lapse video to let us see your process! heh) ... in your initial email to me, you mentioned about a (custom) show you have in mind, featuring Argentinean artists - is it going to be a physical show (in a shop) or a virtual one? (online gallery) - and why did you want to do the show?

FEDE: It is going to be a physical show. The idea is to show it in different places and countries as well, which I would also like to add some local artists from those countries, with their own interpretation/customs of Bicho. The show is also for people in Argentina be able to get in touch with this movement and also to promote that handmade stuff is a great option for artist who really want to have his own figure.
TRE: a touring exhibit? cool! what do you hope to do with the Bicho Wings you have made thus far? what is the status of Bicho now?

FEDE: The first 15 made are only for exhibition purposes, featuring customs by Doma, DGPH, Punga, Kidgaucho, Barfuss, Leche and more Argentinean-artists.

i had initially planned to make 50 pieces, but the figure is too heavy and also expensive, if I were to send from Argentina. So i'm currently producing a rotocast edition of Bicho, which is lighter, less fragile and cheaper for being able to send it anywhere. And will continue producing some handmade pieces as exclusives.

TRE: the economical challenge will (near) always put a damper on creative plans, i reckon - and again, kudos for your efforts! ... i've seen different colorways of Bicho on your blog - are you planning to sell them? how can interested people get their hands on them?

FEDE: Those were to show the different ways of handling resin, and also samples of the runs, with each one representing a 50-piece run, made in Dark Red Wood finish, (Simulated) Rubber, (Silver) Chrome, (Glassed) Transparent and Glow-In-The--Dark ... but unfortunately the prices are too high ...

TRE: well i suppose that's the price for a "unique" and limited piece, as compared to a mass-produced factory-figure, IMHO ... what is planned for the future, for yourself and the figure?

FEDE: I don't know what will happen in the future, but I hope I can make a good rotocast edition and if that works, I would make a lot more! Am also considering a plush option and a couple of surprises, i like mixing art with products.

TRE: "plush" sounds interesting! (i can imagine feathered wings already!) ... please share with my readers, Who Is  Federico Gonzalez?

My name is Federico Gonzalez and i'm a Visual Artist and I work with fashion brands, mixing art, ilustration and design. I have an artistic studio and I design for brands such as VANS, LA MARTINA (it'a a polo brand), Blackfin, PUMA (Arg), Graniph (JAPAN), SWH (tw). I also design the art of special editions of clothes and shoes.

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your time and trouble Fede and here wishing you all the best for your project and for Bicho Wings! do keep us updated on your developments and if you need any help, do feel free to ask, no worries - Good Luck :)

- peep FEDERICO's blog [all images via] for Bicho's developments and updates :)