about shin tanaka's new spiky baby deluxe series

and so this new image from custom-paper-toy creator-extraordinaire Shin Tanaka got me intrigued and i had to bug him about his Spiky Baby Deluxe Series, with the tag: *Real Arts for Everyone! Change The Game from 2008*

TOYSREVIL: so what's the Spiky Baby Deluxe Series about? what can you reveal to your adoring public at this point in "the game"? paper or vinyl?

SHIN: the SPIKY BABY DELUXE SERIES is a very crazy project! I can't tell you everything, but maybe just a little for you :)

TOYSREVIL: you're ace! lay it on me buddy! LOL

SHIN: This collaboration project has 2 purposes.
One is "Real Arts for Everyone", for which I'd like to bring a "real" artistic concept to everyone, which I hope people can enjoy it in their hands.

SHIN: Two is "Change the Game". = I first started my custom paper toy project as an "art activity". Some people say that SHIN is one of the persons who made "a game rule" of paper toy customs. By now, there are many people who have already imitated that concept and have started their own paper toy projects.

I don't reject them, however some of them are not "artistic"; featuring models with very low quality, with cheap designs on the surface. Therefore I aim to alter the trajectory of custom paper toys.

TOYSREVIL: is this your solo-endeavor? or do you have a posse of creators with you that you can reveal now? (i count 15 word-balloons in the ad :p)

SHIN: Many great and talented artists from not only JAPAN but also the WORLD support this project. Maybe you know most of their names. You will be amazed when you hear all featuring artists - even I still find it unbelievable!

[EDIT: Shin has officially given me the go ahead to reveal the list!] Artists involved in the project include: Devilrobots, Jeremyville, KOA, David Horvath, Kozik, MAD, Mad Barbarians, Touma, CUPCO!, Kaijin, Mori Chack and many more!

SHIN: This project must be one of the greatest collaboration project in 2008.

TOYSREVIL: sounds god to me! cheers for the time and trouble, Shin, and i look forward to more details and reveals when the time is right!

- meanwhile you can still download Spiky Baby Series 8 here
and see past SpikyBaby-releases coverage on my blog :)

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