seen @ csbooth fourteen - michael gallery, hongkong (dec 8)

revered as "The Godfather of HK-Vinyl" by many vinyl-enthusiasts; Michael Lau launched his mucho-anticipated annual CSBOOTH FOURTEEN [tagged] on December 8th @ Michael Gallery ~ and Tommy Richardson's blog has glorious images of Day One (mirrored shamelessly here): of the exhibit and gallery space, including 3 large-sized canvas paintings done by Michael, and of a wee-corner of vinyl-nirvana ... /// CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE IMAGES
UPDATE: Day-2 coverage posted HERE :)
Michael Gallery (8 & 9 DECEMBER 2007)
Address: 11/F., Lok's Industrial Building, 204 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2811 3111
Opening hours: 3 to 8pm
*wish i knew the availability details of the new Gardener-figures tho
~ will update once i have more info*

... but where is my (current) fav DJ Panda? out deejaying a club-set, i reckon ... *heh*
DIY Michael shedding light on his displays (his 3 paintings peering in the background)
character-artworks featuring the 3 main protagonist of his current Gardener-vinyls:
Prodig, DJ Tommy (Panda) and Pascagoula-Alien (Off World Creatures)
am personally glad excited that he's exhibiting/doing his artwork, which i've always
enjoyed (tho from afar) since his early illos during the 12-inch Gardener-era (not so
the recent sketchy stuff tho - but that's juz me :p)

what peaked my interest was this "little corner" of the gallery
= featuring a floor-to-ceiling showcase of his creations! *GASP*
double-gasp *TRIPLE-GASP*
what i would give to be sitting there drooling over this figures ~ *le-sigh*

and where did that Terry Richardson black-headsculpt come from? *hhmmm*

... and what wonderful Christmas-present(s) these would make, yeh?
i wish there was an online-draw tho, so at the very least i could try me luck :p

INFO UPDATE: the annual luck draw @ HKD 100 / US$12-per chance to "win rare figures including the all white and black XLaugh figures as well as the large Nike crossover toys" [info via VinylPulse]

*peep mondo-more images on Tommy Richardson's toy-newsgroup (wonderful.interest.toyz / ALL images via) or his yahoo-blog: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 = *utter-coolness*

~ c'mon, ya think i was gonna pilfer them all? whaddaya take me for? ~ *heh* :)


  1. thanks for the lovely images and update on M-Lau!

  2. cheers xymon :)

    and my thanks to Mr.Richardson for sharing with everyone!

  3. just noticed the Terry black head sculpt has pointy ears... unkle version maybe for the full-size figures? hahaha
    i heard Terry will be the next 12" Gardener though, which will be awesome for sure. now can anyone get me his exhibition tee?!


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