about how2work x 3mix's toy soldier sergeant 12-inch figure

the upcoming Toy Soldier Sergeant from How2Work
X 3mix project has got me both baffled and intrigued:

based on the plastic-molded soldiers from the Disney-animated franchise Toy Story, this 12-inch "action figure" shows a deceptively simplistic-sculpt and form, and frankly upon first glance i both dismissed it, and made me wonder why would anyone bother to do just a "single-molded" figure at that scale!? ... then upon closer inspection, i realized that the gun-wielding arm is bendable? = an internal articulated armature with an outer rubber-casing? *hhhmmmm*

(more details as i find them - becoz H2W do not reply to my queries :p)

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Deej said…
Is it going to talk? For all that, it could at least say his lines from the movies ...
Anonymous said…
@ Deej: But how are you going to change the battery then?

BTW, I love that figure!
toysrevil said…
it'll work if the figure had on a back-pack tho :p

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