about that cloverfield monster

and so the "allure" and "mystery" of Cloverfield [tagged] quickly fizzled out for me (it doesn't take much to get my attention, but it sure as heck needs more to keep it going) ... all the multiple-fan-sightings and repetitive conspiracy theories proved to be as exciting as watching bean-sprouts grow ... but i need "celluloid-closure", and hence this post with it's collection of inane youtubed-videos would may be possibly the end of it (until maybe when the movie debuts January 18th in the US?) ... and seeing that the movie's hype (and mayhap even "success") hinges on the "monster/s" = it'd better be hella good rump-kickin'-awesome is all im sayin'! LOL
and while no one will know for sure the accuracy of this "leaked" monster-design above (i reckon this is old news by now, yeh?), i reckon this make make for a pretty fun plushies, no? (c'mon, ya gotta have the merch to back it up eventually, yeh? indie-flick or not...) ... meanwhile CLICK ON for videos :p *UPDATE 05.01.08: the image posted above is not an authentic leak (per se) peep this post's comments-section and this forum-thread for clarification (cheers, Dan!) :p

first the conspiracies:
- dude monologues about the monster-image leaked above
(gotta give him due for the pic tho, yo!):

- this notion that the creature is hidden within the clouds of the movie
poster is pretty farnie (appreciating the visual-enhancements at least, yo!):

- Cloverfield Commercial #7 - Their Only Hope Is Each Other [via]:

... doesn't really say nor show anything really ... just as much as this:

- but this, this is hilarious pretty cleverish, IMHO:

- okay, i've lost interest already ... here's a Slusho commercial to help
put this post to pasture end this inane post: (Happy Expressions)

- hell, i personally think there are actually multiples of different gigantic monsters all converging in NYC for a Millennium Monster Brawl ©, innit? (something to do with the alignment of the stars and solar winds yaddayaddayadda), but no one has a Beta Capsule handy, so basically everyone's pretty screwed, and everything is laid to waste, until millennia later, an astronaut travels forward in time to find Lady Liberty's head half-submerged on a beach ... yep ... *heh*

am i missing any crucial clips or info? leave a comment with links, thanks! :)


dankhole said…
My friend Doug painted that in Photoshop as an imagining of what the monster could look like. Doug is a concept artist but this is not a concept leak from the movie. Here is his post about this piece on jjabrams.net:


Sorry Youtubes...

toysrevil said…
cheers for the headsup and clarification, Dan - appreciate it :)

and your friend Doug deserves the kudos and infamy! LOL