about nvc crew's proposed blind box series: the nvc tactical sniper

okay folks, what do you think of a NVC Crew BLIND BOX SERIES? peep
this proposed NVC Tactical Sniper - for your consideration and comments:

Dr. Bao mentions: "As you probably know, we've seen lots of blind box series and we thought about a series that would both represent our style well, and be totally different from what's on the market right now ... At the beginning we thought about going with something very cheesy, just like the rest of the blind box series ... but we decided to get totally involved in that series and go wild ... and once again break the rules of the vinyl toy industry by going with our own style of figures!"

so what do you folks think? leave your comments and feedback, and
what you expect and perhaps hope to see etc (keep it clean please) thks!


Anonymous said…
let me keep it simple. I NEED THIS TO HAPPEN.
sico ninjah said…
Wow great design, i hope the other figurines are just has nice.
I can see you guys realy know how to work with 3 inches figures
Anonymous said…
as always, next-level stuff from dr bao and the crew
tedder said…
A blind-box series by Dr. Bao/NVC Crew would be amazing! I hope it comes about. I'd buy 'em all for sure.