seen@newyorktoyfair 2008: hasbro's indiana jones

now, im not gonna gloss over it. the only thing even remotely interesting about Hasbro's upcoming toy-line for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (on display @ NYTF08 now) is ... the Mighty Muggs! (considering im a teetering detractor of the form)

featuring three primary figures including (top/l-r): Mola Ram (with beating heart accessory!), Indiana Jones (if the fedora can be removed, then tis cool ... also the smirk looks veeeeeery Minimates-ish *shudder*) and Cairo Swordsman (dude doesn't even have a name of his own? "cannon-fodder" usually don't ... but i shall call him "Yasif") ... also possibly part of the series may include Henry Jones (nicest character-Mugg i've seen thus far, IMHO) and "Monkey Man" (peep the cute monkey in his hand, and yet another unnamed tribesman destined to perish - and i shall call him "Latif") - as seen in Hasbro's presentation package posted on CoolToyReview :)

and while Sideshow Toys has revealed their lush version of 1/6th Indiana Jones, Hasbro's only "disappoints" - but to be fair, they are meant for the young'uns ("don't touch daddy's okay? go play with your own!") to enjoy and not kidult toy-snobs like me, yeh? (*cough*) altho certain parts/ accessories would make for decent kitbashes ... and if you want to be getting your hands on a 12" scale Ark of the Covenant (*gasp*), you may yet have to procure said-figures for the four proof-of-purchase labels required for their "Ticket to Adventure" mail-in redemption exclusive offer! []

want that Ark? then you'd have to purchase these four "beauts":

this series of Indiana Muggs are surprisingly visually coherent, moreso than other flaccid reiterations (IMHO), for which i can only surmise that other Muggs (ie. Marvel superheroes, Star Wars et al) are based on characters that we seen on varied toy-platorms, and hence have more expectations for, rather than have pre-conceived judgments reserved for (at least for me LOL) ... but the Indy-franchise has not been seen on much toy-forms other than action figures, yeh? Mr.Potato notwithstanding, 'natch.

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