star wars kubricks 5-pcs set by medicom

ya know, sometimes i actually do itch to collect Star Wars Kubricks, becoz they look to be one of the more consistently well done series in the mass toy market, and would no doubt be quite fulfilling a SW-collection, IMHO ... and most times i am thankful that i don't! becoz i would've suffered numerous toy-heart-attacks (if not financial-depletion), like when this (MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU) 100% Star Wars Kubrick 5pcs set suddenly springs out from nowhere LOL (or becoz more likely im just not so clued-in on the SW-toy culture as i thought i am could be :p)

limited to 2008-pcs (sets) @ 6,090YEN (US$56) for a July-drop (right after Star Wars Kubricks Series 9, in June), you can pre-order SUPER BATTLE DROID, TC-14, JANGO FETT (w/ Second Jetpack), CLONE TROOPER (RED/Attack of the Clones ver.) and PADMÉ AMIDALA here (but only if you're in Japan) ... and yes, there's still SW Kubricks Series 8 coming in March too...

stress, right? LOL


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