about frank kozik's colored salari ika (and my feeble alternate colorway attempts)


okay fine, maybe i got a little too carried away with teh photoshoppin' (becoz i just can't post a single image with no info-updates, innit? not how thy blog rolls :p) - but it provided humble entertainment for a rainy afternoon ... and so the middle dude's the real deal colored 22+cm tall SALARI IKA by Frank Kozik, while lefty and righty are my inane color-contributions ("Albino Photocopier-Toner Salesman" and "Scarlett Arcade-Game Technician Hitman-Wannabe" - yep) ... and yes, they are not "Corporate-colorways" (as mentioned) and obviously pales in comparison with Kozik's kaiju-ness ... fine - i know my p/s-skills are wanting ... go peep the original hi-res image posted on Skullbrain instead! heh :p

ADDED: intheyellow mentions an possible-April drop for this 9-incher corporate squiduder :)

UPDATED: One-Up has it on pre-order for 7560YEN (UP: 8400YEN / US$85)
with an April-drop date and 150-pcs production run for this colorway :)


Gary Ham said…
I love these. The red head version is my favorite and will pick one up!
Gary Ham said…
ah. After READING, :P I now see the one I liked the most isn't being offered. It was a cool version!
toysrevil said…
thanks for the kind "endorsement" tho, Gary! appreciate it hehehehe :p