"A" city roller custom hot-wheels by ken keirns

peeped Ken Keirns' "A" City Roller Hot-Wheels-custom on his
flickr (over a VW-bus) and had to bug him for a wee chat:

TOYSREVIL: what inspired the conceptualization of the custom?

KEN KEIRNS: For some reason, I always had it in my mind that I wanted to dump the original chassis and replace it with a roller skate. To give it a little height and make it a bit different. The roller derby theme/girl went well with that. /// CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

TOYSREVIL: awesome purple and black combo - but why the skull? don't get me wrong, it's rawking as it sorta goes with the Monster-Bus/truck vibe ... or would that be Monster-Roller-Derby? (am i making a fool of myself or what? LOL :p)

KEN KEIRNS: The skull was actually second choice. The front was originally going to be painted as though her body wrapped down the front. The crease in the nose of the van worked great for her shorts lines. When actually painted though, it looked really strange so I swapped it with the skull. A lot of roller derby women that I've seen have a tough image, so I just made the nose a skull. Skulls are tough... right?

TOYSREVIL: skulls are hardta crack, yeh! and hawt babes with skulls? = yumz LOL ... WHO IS the hawt babe on the van-roof? does she have a name? (i feel filthy asking tho LOL)

KEN KEIRNS: She's made up, just a run of the mill rough and tumble roller derby girl.

TOYSREVIL: hawtness ... how long did it take for you to finish this custom?

KEN KEIRNS: This one took probably a week. I staggered it with several other pieces that I have been working on.

TOYSREVIL: sweetness. what's up next for Ken Keirns?

KEN KEIRNS: I have a solo show at Rotofugi Gallery opening on April 4th. It's called "Stream of Unconsciousness". The theme is random dreams and other strangeness featuring big head ladies and chimps. [peep more show-details here]
The Hot Wheels van is for the "Toys!" show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles opening April 1st. That should be an amazing show. Also, "The New Mythology" at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in April, and the "Carnivora" exhibition in Los Angeles, opening at L'Imagerie Gallery on May 3rd. Very exciting, I have my work cut out for me!

TOYSREVIL: cheers for your time and trouble Ken! busy months ahead for you - and "busy" is always good, IMHO - always looking forward to more goodies from you Ken! :)